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Application of Natural Collagen


The transdermal gel Q5-26 is designed for all skin types and any age.It is recommended to be used after the 25 year of age when the skin gradually decreases collagen production

Application on the skin:

1-3 times a day. On a well washed with soap and still moisted skin place a  thin layer of collagen gel Platinum/Silver/Graphite. If you get a tight feeling in a while,the put a ligh nourishing cream.If there is a peeling of skin afterwards,it means that an excess amount has been applied as the skin has taken what is necessary and that is why it is better to put only a thin layer of collagen. 

Application on the hair:

 A small amount of collagen gel (1-2 ml) is dissolved in a slightly warm water in a glass container.After washing the hair, you rub the collagen water into the scalp and on to the hair. You leave it to stay for 15 min. and then wash with clear water.

Application in bathtubs:

30-50 ml is being dissolved in a slightly warm water in a glass container.Then you pour it into the bathtub.You stay inside for around 15 min. This procedure is equally well applied at home or SPA centres,sanatoriums,hospitals etc. Hатуралният колаген се ползва винаги и само върху чиста и влажна кожа!


Thisproduct is registered as a cosmetic and not as universal panacea. However, the following lists the possible application of Natural Polish Collagen for its curative effect.

  forms a watertight film on skin surface;
  forces the semi peptides and amino acids into
the extra cellular skin sub layer;

  stimulates the action of fibroblasts and keratins;
  elasticity and softens hard skin;
  eradicates smaller wrinkles;
  moistens and revitalises  skin;
  slows down skin ageing processes;
  reduces the effect of measles;
  reduces the effect of acne;
  aids cellulite healing;
  effectively counteracts insect bites and stings;
  effectively reduces the effects of minor burns, grazes and knocks;
  effectively reduces bruises and bed sores;
  effectively prevents nail problems;
  prevents premature grey-haired;
  helps with reducing varicose veins;
  softens old scar tissue and prevents formation of unsightly new scar tissue;
  helps with reducing skin allergies;
  soothes pains associated with bones , joints and rheumatism;
  helps with the process of bone formation;
  prevents the onset of osteoporosis;
  reduces swellings;
  helps prevent skin infections;
  helps prevent hair follicle enlargement and bursting of small blood vessels;
  prevent tropic changes;
  is an effective prophylactic against some forms of cancer;
  helps in the healing of broken bones, sprains and post natal pains;
  applied to eye lids, improves sight;
  regenerates the vaginal sheath;
  prevents vaginal infections;
  helps prevent patchy baldness;
  relieves paradontal pains;
  helps in the curing of the whites of eyes;
  improves circulation of blood in arteries and veins;

 lessens back and lumbago pains;
  better than anything else in preventing colds;
  effectively deals with frostbite;
  effectively controls excessive sweating;
  it is the best balsam for after shaving and depilation.